Behind Maidenhead’s Waterside Quarter Artwork

Last weekend, to coincide with the final instalment of the Waterside Quarter sculpture trail, a unique artwork by Maidenhead-based architectural glass artist Kirsty Brooks was unveiled. The piece, christened ‘Maidenhead Memories’, adorns two expansive windows in the heart of Waterside Quarter and captures Kirsty’s personal experience of growing up in Maidenhead.

Kirsty’s artwork, commissioned by Sorbon Estates, the development company behind Waterside Quarter, is a digitally collaged design that draws on her perceptions of Maidenhead’s history and experiences of outdoor spaces and the surrounding countryside. Utilising archive photographs and 35mm slide images from the 1960s to the 1980s, the piece is presented as a postcard from the town. It captures its remarkable journey and picturesque landscapes, and features hidden details and narratives.

Alongside the sculpture trail, Kirsty’s artistic contributions help to enrich the aesthetic appeal of Sorbon’s Waterside Quarter, fostering a sense of connection and nostalgia for both residents and visitors alike.  Her artwork celebrates the most charming aspects of Maidenhead. Specifically designed as a landscape backdrop, the piece complements the Waterside Quarter sculptures, creating a captivating atmosphere.

Katherine Croom, Managing Director of Sorbon Estates said “Kirsty’s artwork is a fantastic contribution to Waterside Quarter and brings to life the true spirit and potential of Maidenhead. With its remarkable residents and a supportive community, Maidenhead is a special town and we look forward to being a part of its continued growth and success.”

Kirsty Brooks, the artist behind ‘Maidenhead Memories’ said, “It has been an absolute pleasure to create an artwork for Waterside Quarter and to have the artistic freedom to create a homage to my hometown.  My aim was to create something layered and magical for local residents and the vibrant community of Maidenhead to enjoy. Having grown up here, I have been able to channel my knowledge of the town in all its glory alongside its special quirks. Maidenhead has beautiful hidden qualities which are now being enhanced and I cannot wait to see the town continue to flourish.”