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Supporting our independent tenants with Bira

In recognition of Shanly Group's 50th anniversary, Sorbon Estates are offering a further year's complimentary Bira membership to its existing and new independent tenants.

Having started in 2018, this partnership allows members to benefit from over 30 services that are aimed at creating a level playing field for independent retail businesses in the UK, including legal advice, accountancy services, preferential rates and discounts, business banking with HSBC, professional development courses, product sourcing, and workplace pensions.

Sorbon Estates lists over 100 independent retailers among its tenants spanning the South East of England.

Emre Yilmaz, Sorbon Estates' tenant and owner of independent family-run bakery Bakedd at Chapel Wharf in Maidenhead, said: "I'm really pleased Sorbon Estates is offering its tenants a complimentary Bira membership for another year. Thanks to this membership, I've been able to make significant savings by switching to a more competitively priced business banking provider and more cost-efficient waste collection services. Having a team of Bira's legal experts to hand is amazing - thanks to their advice, I've been able to quickly bring all employee contracts in line with the most recent employment regulations. Small businesses like mine hugely benefit from this expertise, and I will definitely renew my membership next year".

Tamra Booth, Managing Director of Sorbon Estates, said: "Celebrating our 50years in business has been a great opportunity to reflect on all that has changed since our business was founded, and what actions we need to take now to positively influence the next 50 years. A long-term view is central to how we work with our tenants, old and new, and we are dedicated to ensuring high streets remain an attractive destination for visitors and a thriving community for local residents. This means we are focussed on promoting a diverse and exciting mix of retailers with a strong emphasis on independent businesses. Our partnership with Bira demonstrates our on-the-ground approach to ensuring our tenants' success both now and in the years to come."

Andrew Goodacre, Chief Executive Officer at Bira, said: "It is no secret that the retail sector has undergone huge amounts of change as the way customers shop has evolved. However, we truly believe that these challenges really do prove that there is always a strong demand for well-run businesses that provide a local population with something they need and an experience they can't have online. Having been supporting independent retailers for 120 years, we are thrilled to be continuing our relationship with Sorbon Estates."

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