Sorbon Estates join forces with the British Independent Retailers Association (bira)

We are excited to announce that we have launched a partnership with the British Independents Retailers Association (bira) to support independent retailers in a changing and often challenging, retail landscape.

We are building on our established commitment to independent retailers by offering a year's free bira membership to our independent retailer tenants across the South East. The membership service provides a wealth of business benefits including, free legal advice, business banking, specialist insurance, access to tax accountants and more. Members also benefit from the exclusive rates and discounts that bira has negotiated with more than 180 suppliers representing approximately 2,000 associated brands across a range of retail sectors.

The partnership was announced in Maidenhead last week Thursday 3rd May at Bakedd, an independent Mediterranean bakery which was the first Sorbon tenant to move into Shanly Homes' Chapel Arches waterside regeneration scheme. Tenants were invited to hear guest speakers talk about the changing high street, how independent retailers can adapt and continue to thrive, as well as hearing first hand from an existing bira member.

Julie Holden from bira shared some of the latest retail insight: "The retail landscape is changing and the retailers who are flourishing are those who take time out from their day-to-day business to reflect and plan for the future.  Shoppers expect more and are better informed than ever before.  Meeting their ever-demanding needs and running your own business can be hard, but it's also very rewarding."

Robert Jarrett, bira's Marketing and Membership Director added: "The British Independent Retailers Association [bira] is delighted to be working with Sorbon Estates towards our combined goal of supporting independent retailers and helping them thrive. For the past 119 years bira has been in the corner of independent retailers across a broad range of sectors and are committed to the continuing success of every independent business we work with. Modern independent retailers recognise that great ideas, insights and ideas can be found beyond the confines of their own business and bira believes independent retailers are stronger together and that independent retailing in the UK has a bright future."

Tamra Booth, managing director at Sorbon Estates, says: "Over 70% of tenants within our property investment portfolio are independent businesses which we recognise add diversity and vibrancy to our high streets. Coming from humble beginnings ourselves almost 50 years ago, we understand the challenges small businesses can face and so wanted to offer the support of a wider network to help indies thrive.

"As a commercial developer and investor, we invest in property improvements and work with tenants to support them wherever possible. Now, through the bira membership our tenants can have access to a suite of services to bring them even closer to achieving their business goals."

For further information on the Sorbon Estates' and bira partnership and how we are committed to our independent tenants please visit our Independently Minded webpage.

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