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Chixwane Collective art studio set to open its doors in Marlow

Chixwane Collective has agreed a lease at 7 Liston Court, Marlow to open an art studio on a pop-up basis. The studio comes from the entrepreneur behind the Dancing Teapot ceramic art business and will be open for business mid-August. 

The Chixwane Collective will provide a creative space for both children and adults that will enable customers to develop their creative skills and experiment with new forms of art such as ceramics, photography, tie-dye, sewing, jewellery-making and beading, glass art and fusion, and pottery painting.

There will be an extensive selection of bisqueware available to buy and paint in the studio, from small plates, novelty items and mugs to larger plates, vases and teapots, ranging in price from £7 to £60. In addition to regular courses and workshops, the pop-up offers a space upstairs that can be hired for children's pottery painting parties, with a programme of 'Wine & Design' adult painting evenings and coffee and art mornings.

In addition to the creative space, the pop-up will sell local handmade items, including jewellery, handbags, cushions and fabrics, items made from recycled wood with a large focus on sustainability, as well as showcase local art and photography. Kirsten Bird, founder of Dancing Teapot, is inviting local artists to get in touch for an opportunity to display and sell their art.

Courses and workshops will be available to book onto via the company's website: www.dancingteapot.co.uk

Tamra Booth, Managing Director at Sorbon Estates, said: "Liston Court is a part of Marlow's history and is well known for its combination of local independent retailers and eateries. Therefore, with Dancing Teapot's focus on local craftspeople, suppliers and creativity, we are really excited to be opening the Chixwane Collective pop-up. We believe a creative space like this offers significant value to the community, particularly as we enter the summer holidays and many families look for affordable activities that they can enjoy together."

Kirsten Bird, , said: "We are really thrilled to be hosting this pop-up studio in Marlow and look forward to collaborating with local and budding artists on works of art with us. We believe that by providing a creative space for all we will be able to spark new initiatives and inspire a love of learning and of different forms of art. We encourage anyone to pop in and bring their ideas as we'd love to share the space and opportunity for some incredible creations."

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