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Sorbon Estates offers a selection of moorings to let across the  South East on the River Thames and the Grand Union Canal.


Our River Thames moorings portfolio is comprehensive and our moorings to let  search tool will help you find the most suitable River Thames moorings for your boat. 

The  River Thames is the longest river in England and the second longest in the UK after the River Severn. Our River Thames moorings are concentrated in a few key locations including Henley-on-Thames, Windsor, Bourne  End, and our island mooring site of Platts Eyot. The facilities at each site vary.  But generally, our River Thames moorings are charged per meter and available with and without electrical hook ups to suit individual boat uses needs.   

Our largest marina is called  Bourne End Marina. Located on the River Thames in Bourne End village, Buckinghamshire. The marina is incredibly popular with locals and a  well-established nature reserve and walking spot. There is a variety of moorings to let at Bourne End Marina as well as a plethora of leisure facilities.   

If you are looking for a peaceful River Thames mooring our facilities in Henley and Windsor offer plentiful sites. We can offer a range of basin mooring, frontage mooring and quayside moorings depending on the length of your boat. One of our larger sites is  Saxons Moorings  

Saxon is a private marina that offers moorings to let  located on a secluded and beautiful section of the  River Thames and  provides easy access to the surrounding countryside. There is access to BBQ and picnic facilities as well as toilets and running water for your boat's needs. River Thames moorings have never been as affordable as at our small and friendly Saxon mooring site. 

Our River Thames moorings at Platts Eyot, an island in the Hampton area of  London's, is a busier place to visit and to moor a boat. At Platts Eyot we  not only offer moorings to let, we can  provide smaller industrial units and storage space as well, plus there is parking on the main land should you  require it. The island is connected to the mainland via a suspension bridge, which ensures a speedy route into London when  required.   

If you would prefer to be located along the Grand Union Canal, our moorings at Willowtree Marina have excellent services and facilities. Located on the Paddington arm just 15 miles from the centre of London, this marina offers residential, leisure and pied-รก-terre moorings in a secure location. 

Generally, we let our moorings on an annual contract. Use our moorings to let  search tool to help you. If you  can't find what  you're looking for or need a more bespoke offering then  get in touch with a member of our dedicated team, who will be  very happy to help.  


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