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At  Sorbon Estates our diverse property portfolio means, we have a range of industrial units to let, industrial space to let and warehouses to let,  all across the  South   East region. Make your property search simple by using our industrial units to let  search tool. You'll be able to access all our available properties in one quick and easy  click. 

Our industrial units to let and industrial space to let ranges from smaller  self-contained spaces to large  multi-floor  warehouses to let, which could even serve as distribution centres for your  regional  business requirements.  So whatever you need space-wise we'll have a solution. 

Many of the properties include lorry accessible yards and extensive  on-site  parking facilities to help your business operate in the most efficient way possible. Some of our warehouses have been redeveloped by our  Projects  Team and  are  purpose built so you have the latest innovations in industrial requirements for your business.  Loudwater Mill in High Wycombe is a prime example of the type of industrial unit we can  provide and this was fitted for electric car charging. 

Some of our warehouses to let  are part of multiple  units  developments, so if your business decides to scale up, your property can scale up  with you. We offer a range of lease terms to  our  tenants to  assist their  businesses through their growth stages. 

Good industrial space to let can be hard to find, but our search tool does the work for you. If you can't find what you are looking for, a chat with one of our dedicated Leasing Managers can help you to find the industrial property you need to suit your business.  

At  Sorbon Estates our dedication to our tenants doesn't end with the search either, once you've signed  a lease for your industrial unit our Estates Managers will be on hand to help you get up and running and if you have any questions.  A visit to  our  tenant portal will help you with a wealth of practical matters even before you are in your  industrial unit.  

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