Commercial Property in Windsor Town Centre

Commercial Property in Windsor Town Centre

Commercial Property in Windsor Town Centre  


Windsor is a beautiful and historic market town set on the banks of the River Thames in Berkshire. It is a town known across the world as home to Windsor Castle and official residence of the Royal Monarch. Tourists flock to Windsor town centre every year to see  Windsor Castle and browse Windsor high street.  

Windsor high street starts at the top of the town and winds down the side of the castle, eventually ending at the River Thames where you can look back up the hill to splendid views of the castle. Visitors can enjoy a range of shops and retail along the Windsor high street, including independent cafes and a range of souvenirs shops. You'll also be able to watch the  Changing of the Guard on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, a spectacle for any tourist  

The high street is not the only thing Windsor town centre has to offer. If you venture away from Windsor high street,  you'll find  Peascod Street, a key shopping street, by the Windsor & Eton central rail station, which is one of Windsor's two train stations, the other being Windsor & Eton Riverside.  Peascod Street a pedestrianised area of Windsor town centre, here  you will find Daniels.  Daniels is a local department store with a fantastic  children's toy section. There is a wealth of other retail stores including national chains and independent stores amongst cafes and restaurants  

Moving away from Windsor town centre  you'll find  all sorts of back streets with interesting places like Trinity Yard. The yard is a fantastic little place to visit with  The Bike Company, where you can get  anything, you might need for a cycle in Windsor Great Park.  There's also a great courtyard cafe on the corner called  Millars Eatery serving  snacks, you might need to stock up on after a cycle in the park too.  

To cycle in the Windsor Great  Park you just need to head to the top of Windsor High Street and follow the Long Walk out of town. The Long Walk is a fantastic  three-mile, tree -lined stretch from the castle and into the Deer Park up to a copper status of a horse. Views from the top of the hill are  arguably some of the  best in Windsor. The opportunity to see deer along the way is a perfect  tonic to an afternoon of shopping in Windsor town centre and on Windsor high street.  

Commercial property in Windsor town centre is in high demand. The castle and the long walk bring tourists all year-round keeping  footfall high. For anyone looking to invest in commercial property in Windsor town centre,  Sorbon can  help with a range of requirements.  Our find a property search tool can help with any  commercial property in Windsor search including office, retail, restaurant, industrial, parking or moorings. Both on Windsor high street and in the wider Windsor town centre area, as well as along the River Thames itself. With dedicated leasing managers who are on hand to  help with any commercial property search, helping you to find the best commercial property in Windsor to meet your requirements has never been easier.  

At  Sorbon we take our responsibility to  our tenants very seriously, by investing in property improvements and working with tenants to support them wherever possible. Some of our tenants have been with us right from the very start, and as their needs change, we have, in many cases, been able to accommodate them in another property within our portfolio. Marlow town centre is now and continues to be a key area of investment for the  Sorbon Estates team.   

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